Satire is dead. Homeopathy killed it

This reads like something out of Brass Eye, but it isn’t:

What did the Select Committee on Science and Technology conclude?
The Select Committee on Science and Technology concluded that:

  • There is no evidence that homeopathy works beyond the placebo effect, which is a position that the Government agrees with.
  • By providing homeopathy on the NHS, the Government runs the risk of appearing to endorse it as a working system of medicine. There is also the danger that when doctors prescribe placebos, they risk damaging the trust that exists between them and their patients.
  • Given that the existing scientific literature shows no good evidence of efficacy, further clinical trials of homeopathy are not justified.

What was the Government’s response?
The Government has decided to continue funding homeopathic hospitals and treatments on the NHS

If satire wasn’t dead before, it is now.