A social network for whisky drinkers

How could I resist this? Friends of Laphroaig is a social network for those of us who enjoy a decent dram. The network includes all the usual things as well as a shop which not only does discounts but also ships to other EU countries (this is important to me). I joined, obviously, and they sent me a rather nice certificate of land ownership which entitles me to demand a dram when we visit the distillery. And we will.

certificate of land ownership

4 thoughts on “A social network for whisky drinkers

  1. If you do sign up, I’m at plot 428189

    I have to admit, though, that the network is not that impressive – apart from the free dram, that I do intend to take advantage off. The whisky itself, though, is superb.


  2. That said, after looking in the Laphroaig shop again I am considering treating myself to a new jacket 😉


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