Back to ‘buntu or: How to get an unsupported NVidia graphics card working in Ubuntu

I know I said yesterday that I was going to stick with Sabayon for a while but, after it failed to boot this morning, I changed my mind. So now I have a Karmic Koala on my desktop. I did have a look around to see what else was out there at the moment but, because I am looking for a stable Gnome environment, Ubuntu was the distro I kept on coming back to.

Not all was plain sailing, however, and my NVidia graphics card remained unrecognised until I found this page which describes how to manually install the the relevant driver.

The instructions are a bit terse so, for future reference, the simplified steps I followed are:

  • Identify your graphics card: lspci | grep -i nvidia
  • Find the relevant driver from your graphics card from the NVidia Website
  • Save the file to your Downloads folder as
  • Exit Gnome: Ctrl-Alt-F1
  • Shut down the X-Server: /etc/init.d/gdm stop
  • Switch to the appropriate run level: telinit 3
  • Install the driver: sudo sh ~/Downloads/
  • Accept the licence agreement and allow it to update xorg.conf when asked.
  • Reboot

Now to restore my (unnecessarily wiped) data…