Bending WordPress or: An upcoming vanilla implementation of Pulpmovies

Over the past ten years, Pulpmovies has grown and changed several times. Originally, the site contained reviews for whatever I happened to be watching, all of which were hand-carved from raw HTML. As time progressed, I put together a rudimentary content management system for the site before abandoning this in favour of a WordPress driven solution. However, because of the organic way in which the site has grown, this has been implemented as multiple instances of WordPress strapped together with a bit of SQL. This approach works, but it has left me having to spend much more time keeping the software up to date than I would like. So it’s time for a change.

I am planning to convert the site so that it runs on a single instance of WordPress. I did take a look around to see what other content management systems were out there but I’m not really doing enough with the site to justify a bigger or more complex solution.

I have a pretty clear idea of how I want the site to look, although I still need to build a theme that will achieve this.

The WordPress database itself looks pretty simple, so merging the instances into a single one should be pretty straightforward. This is, however, somthing that will need a fair bit of testing to make sure that everything works.

And then I will need to decide what to do about the forum…

Of course, doing all this will need to be fitted in with everything else I get up to in my own time so don’t expect any sudden changes. But it won’t be too long before Pulpmovies is running on a vanilla implementation of WordPress, and I will be able to spend a lot less time upgrading software and blacklisting spammers.

The Varga girls are staying, though.

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