tracker-store ate my memory

Sabayon, the distro I’m currently using, recently started grinding to a halt. The cause of this was the tracker-store which, when it starts indexing my hard drive, sucks up resources (mainly memory) until nothing is left for any other application.

Killing the process solves the immediate issue but, to prevent it recurring, my first thought was to go to the Tracker settings (System > Preferences > Search and Indexing) and disable the indexing options.

Screenshot: Tracker Preferences

This failed, so I turned to the Start Up applications (System > Preferences > Startup Applications) and switched off all of the Beagle and Tracker Applications. This, of course, means that nothing is being indexed, which is fine since I don’t use this functionality.

It would be better to remove the app altogether, but Sulfur tells me that there are a fair few dependencies on this and I want to avoid breaking anything else. That said, if it the workaround fails, uninstalling the Tracker will be my next option.

3 thoughts on “tracker-store ate my memory

  1. Thanks for the tip. I was looking though processes to figure out what was the problem and i noticed tracker-store and looked it up online and found your solution!



  2. Thanks for your information
    It really help
    I also use “gnome-session-properties” to disable tracker-store when login to my PC.

    But the question is “When you launch GNOME Documents in GNOME 3.2” it will call tracker-store



  3. To be honest, Max, I don’t know. That said, I haven’t had any memory issues at all since the switch to Gnome 3. So it looks a lot like the issue is now resolved.


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