Back online, and with a shiny new operating system

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet for the past few days. There is, of course, a reason for this. Since I’d had such a good experience with Ubuntu, I thought it would be interesting to see what other Linux distros were out there and, after a bit of poking around, decided that Sabayon would be worth a try.

After a few issues, all of my own making (note to self: check the install disk is working before you reformat your hard drive) I now have it up and running and am in the process of restoring my data, settings and email.

Sabyon itself is looking very nice indeed – it’s handled all of my hardware without any problems and I am very interested in seeing what the XBMC Media Centre can do. But the point of this post is to let you know that, if you have sent me an email I am slowly catching up and will respond in the next day or so,

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