End the year on a high note: Treat yourself and do some good for a fellow human being

Cover Spider Robinson is an American born SF writer, now living in Canada. He has a generous attitude and his writing can be described as being both humanistic and humorous and plenty of examples of it can be found in the archives of the StarShipSofa podcast.

Not is all good in the Robinson household, however, as Spider Robinson’s wife Jeanne is fighting cancer and they’re both struggling to pay the bills. You can help: 100% of any money used to purchase Larry Santoro’s excellent e-book, Lord Dickens’s Declaration, will go directly to the Robinsons. But you need to buy the book before December 31st, after which time it will become available.

In order to bring this fundraiser to an end with a bank, Matthew Sanborn Smith is calling on people to buy the book today. So click, click, click. The book is well worth a read and you have the additional bonus of having done some good for a fellow human being.