May Day in Meerhout

Belgium can often be a country of contradictions. Take today, for example. It’s May Day and a public holiday and, with the Belgian love of celebration the town centre has been taken over by a local fair.

But, because it’s May Day, and a public holiday, everything is… closed

In fact, only the essential services are open on May Day. In Belgium, the essential services are bars and restaurants. In these places, you can get nuts
Nuts on May Day

Lots of nuts
Lots of nuts on May Day

And asparagus

Of course, just because everything is closed, doesn’t stop some people from checking out the attractions

And then going for a bit of an explore

… deep into the unkempt heart of Meerhout
Less of a forest than it looks

This being May Day, the local Socialist party had a bit of a parade organised – starting and ending at a pub, obviously. And if you had ever wondered what Socialism was good for, you now have an answer…

Free Red Balloons!
Hello Red Balloon

Which float!

A little too well
Fly Away Red Balloon